Zebedee'z - Hair Design is an ART Zebedee'z - Hair Design is an ART Zebedee'z - Hair Design is an ART Zebedee'z - Hair Design is an ART Zebedee'z - Hair Design is an ART

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Zebedee'z International - Hair Design is an ART

  • Are you feeling stuck with your hairstyle?
  • Do you keep going back to a style you aren’t really happy with just because you don’t know what else to do or who to trust with your hair?

At Zebedeez International, we consider doing hair to be an art. As with any artistic endeavour, being a stylist requires creativity and technical skill. We trained in Europe and New Zealand and we have an ongoing commitment to furthering our skills and training. Entering hair competitions helps keep us current with the latest trends. We also have a special place in our hearts for people who have had bad hair experiences and are apprehensive about their hair. For us, doing hair isn’t just a job we trained for, we feel like it is our calling.

Visit the About and Testimonials pages of this website to find out more about us. You are welcome to stop by anytime for a free consultation. Call us a 403.556.2701. or contact us for further information.

Husband and Wife Team
Artistic Aspect of Hair Design with Total Dedication
Lee Cenaiko

Lee Cenaiko

Hair Stylist

Ray Cenaiko

Ray Cenaiko

Hair Stylist


Styling (Men’s & Ladies’)

At Zebedee’z we work with every kind of hair – fine hair and “arctic blond” are no problem. We can help you come up with something new and creative or give you something quite conservative yet very attractive. We don’t just consider your hair; we consider you and your lifestyle.


Zebedee’z hair extensions look natural and last a long time because we use a special fusion technique with a keratin based adhesive. The extensions themselves are real hair so they already have a variety of shades in them and are easy to match.

Perms & Body Waves

At Zebedee’z we understand that for some people a perm is desirable and necessary. But you can achieve an unnatural “permy” look in your own kitchen; you don’t need to come to us for that. Our goal is to give you soft, supportive body and a natural look that lasts.


Apart from your hairstyle itself, your hair colour best expresses who you are. Hair colour and style should work together to frame your face so that you are happy with what you see in the mirror.

Highlights & Lowlights

Zebedee’z can open up a whole new world for you in terms of hair design with the use of highlights and lowlights.

International Competitions

Lee Cenaiko regularly represents Zebedeez Hair at competitions within Canada and has represented Canada internationally. Often Lee travels with her daughter Trinity as her primary model.