Picking the Right Hairstyle and Stylist

Picking the Right Hairstyle and Stylist

In the art of hair design sensitivity to the needs of the client is absolutely crucial. If a stylist doesn’t have time to consult with you, he or she won’t have time to give you a precision haircut either. The face is the picture and the hair is the frame and there are basic rules to follow that modify facial features. Confidence in your stylist is most important when you want to have a change in your hairstyle. A change may be as comprehensive as a makeover or as small as a slight modification. Questions that you should be asked during the consultation phase of your hair service are: How much time do you have for your hair? How versatile do you want your style to be? How talented are you with your hair dryer?Hair Wash

Many people despair because of fine hair and not all stylists are versed in cutting technique for fine hair. With proper angles cut into the hair, body and fullness result. Not only that, you may have thought you had straight hair all your life, but with the proper shaping, you may discover bouncy body or even big curl in your hair that you never knew was there! Interview your potential stylist and find out what they know about techniques for fine hair.

With life being as busy as it is time is short for styling hair. An excellent haircut should only take a few minutes to style with the correct tools and products. Knowing what products to use and how to use them is very important. A stylist, should not only style your hair, but teach you how to achieve the same look at home every day. If you have trouble recreating the style at home, the option of returning to the salon for a style lesson is important.

I recommend a consultation appointment for first-time clients. It is important to discuss style options and start the stylist-client relationship properly. With EVERY appointment there should be a brief consultation time set aside for you. You shouldn’t feel rushed. You should be able to relax while the stylist creates a precision haircut and shows you multiply ways to wear your style. You save time in the long run if you set aside time to be spent on the hair cutting appointment – it should translate into spending less time working on your hair at home.

Ray and Lee Cenaiko own and operate Zebedeez International Hair Design in Carstairs, Alberta. They are European and New Zealand-trained stylists who have competed nationally and internationally. Ray and Lee enjoy providing their hair clients with big city expertise in a small town setting. If you have questions or are interested in hair extensions, colour and highlights, perms that don’t look like perms, ultra conservative or high fashion hairstyles, contact Ray or Lee.

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