White Hair Phenomenon

White Hair Phenomenon

Many women find that as their hair matures, their hair changes texture to a finer or thinner feeling. Usually the answer to this has been thought to perm the hair. There is a better answer – the correct angles need to be cut into the hair giving more body and fullness, naturally. If correct angles is not sufficient for the desired body, then yes a bodywave that looks and feels natural is the answer.Arctic Blond

A great European perm technique that does look ultra natural and giving strength at the root area of the hair for longer lasting wear. Partial perms many times is all that is required to give style support without the permie look.

There is a new appreciation for white and gray hair in the fashion industry. Young women in their twenties are asking for gray hair, white hair and pastel shades of lilac and rose, giving them distinction amongst their friends. This is a new expression of confidence.

When the decision is made to wear gray or white hair, natural or created, a woman must wear a modern or ultra modern haircut to create distinction. Because of the colour or in the case of white hair, lack of colour pigment, the angles cut into the hair style are of great importance. The angles must produce the feeling of fullness and thickness. For the best result, the hair cut must compliment a woman’s facial features and lifestyle. White or gray hair can be strikingly attractive if the combination of style, fullness and confidence is done correctly.

Modern Grey Hair

Interestingly, creating white or gray hair is technically difficult with oxidized colour. To wear these colours by choice, a person must be confident in their stylist’s ability to achieve the desired result. Another interesting fact is, International Hair Competitions this year saw many models and mannequins using white and gray as colours in the styles. The white and gray created contrast and a visual edge producing stunning looks on the competition floor.

Having white or gray hair can definitely be an advantage for women. With a dynamic precision haircut she can look stunning. However, a woman with white or gray hair also has the option of complimenting her hair with highlights and low-lights to give her variety and versatility in her colour. done correctly she can expect no regrowth line of demarcation and the option of changing the tone of her ‘lights’ seasonally.

For upmarket ideas of styles that compliment your facial features and tones that compliment your eye colour and skin tone, visit Ray and Lee at Zebedeez Hair. Ray specializes in hair cutting giving full attention to your style with no rushing you in and out. Consultation is first and foremost. Lee specializes in highlights, low-lights and colour techniques.


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