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The Fine Hair Blues

Not too many people enter hairdressing school with the “dream” of becoming a fine hair specialist. While schools address the issue of fine hair, they don’t prepare students to become specialists in this area. If you want to learn about fine hair, you learn it as you go, and you sink or you swim. Even if you take a personal interest in the subject of fine hair and have a passion for it, where do you go to learn about it? If you really want to learn, the best way is to be mentored in fine hair cutting techniques. This poses something of a problem for a student and more importantly for the client – the person with fine hair. How does one find a fine hair specialist?

In the heart of the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, there lives and works a specialist in the art of fine hair. He is both modest and unassuming, but make no mistake, he is a virtuoso who makes the bulk of his living helping people with fine hair.

Fine Hair Specialist

He didn’t start out with the dream of becoming a fine hair specialist, but it happened. It happened the way many things end up happening in the life of a man. It happened because of a woman. When you marry a woman with fine hair, and your mother-in-law has fine hair and your wife gives birth to six children with fine hair, it becomes a matter of personal survival to get very, very good at the art of fine hair. Add to this “home schooling” a formal education and work experience spanning several continents with influences from an assorted variety or stylists, and a unique talent emerges – a unique combination of technique and artistry for fine hair.

Some people read road signs, some people read novels, some people read tea leaves; the Fine Hair Maestro reads hair. Doing so takes time.fine hair You know how it is with artists, they don’t rush their work. Like a painter commissioned to do a family portrait, it must be right. Such is the way with this fine hair artist. It you aren’t happy, he isn’t happy.

There are people walking around believing the only way they can ever have anything other than poker straight hair is to have a perm. But a perm may be out of the question for many people for a variety of reasons. The fine hair problem seems hopeless. But it isn’t. Hope is out there. While the Fine Hair Specialist is quick to acknowledge that while many people can be helped by his propriety angle cutting technique not 100% of people with fine hair can achieve the results they desire with cutting technique alone. Some people will need a combination of cut and careful perming to achieve the look they desire. But, if you have been suffering with the fine-hair blues, it might be worth a trip to see the Fine Hair Specialist. If he can’t help you achieve the results you are looking for, he will be honest and tell you. But what if he can help you? Isn’t it worth your while to at least find out?

Ray Cenaiko is the Fine Hair Specialist. Located in Olds, Alberta, he and his wife Lee own and operate Zebedeez Hair Salon. Please contact them at 403-556-2701 for a preliminary consultation. They really care about hair and they really care about people.
And yes,… they really do have six children.

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