Hair Colour

Hair Colour.

What should I do?

The terms referring to various colours and techniques seem to be a language all to itself and can be confusing. Let’s cut some of the confusion.

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent colour is just that. It is a colour that lifts out your natural pigment and replaces with oxidized colour pigment. It is excellent for full grey coverage. Of course, over time it does fade and long-straight-red-hairneeds refreshing. The result of permanent colouring creates a line of demarcation as hair grows. Permanent hair colouring needs to be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks to look it’s best.

Demi Permanent Hair Colour

Demi-permanent hair colour is meant to blend grey hair and can be up to 70% grey coverage. The developer strength is much lower than for permanent colour. The result is a blending effect, glossy hair with a minimal regrowth. It doesn’t have the capability to lift multiple levels of colour, it is meant for colour deposit and to be used in conjunction with permanent colours in toning midlengths and ends. Many people opt for Demi-permanent colours when wanting tone on tone colours and refreshers. They do not penetrate the hair shaft like permanent colour but sit closer to the surface of the hair shaft.

Semi Permanent Hair Colour

coloured-endsSemi-permanent colours are the colours that are tend to be unnatural: blue, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, red, teal etc. These colours to last for the longest time possible need to be applied to pre-lightened hair. The lighter the hair, the truer the colour. Longevity is not their strong point, fun is. Over the last few years, developments have been made in these colours and the longevity has improved but most important is the fading is beautiful colours as well. The downside of semi-permanent is that they really are stain colours that stain the surface of the hair shaft with minimal penetration of pigment into the hair shaft. They can also stain clothing, towels, bedding and such, so be aware. Some of the colours, green for example, can be very difficult to eliminate completely when a colour change is desired. However, having said that, Demi-permanent and permanent colour does remove the stain colour and can place pigment into the hair shaft again.

Temporary Hair Colour

There are a variety of other hair colouring products too: hair mascara, water colours and most recently good hair colour sprays. These colours wash out with the nextblonde-hair-colour shampoo and can be used for special occasions, fun nights out with friends and allows children to have creative colour in their hair without chemically changing their hair.

At Zebedeez Hair Design is an ART, Lee enjoys being a hair colour artist. No two people have the same colour. Each and every person has colours formulated to create the desired result be it natural, grey coverage, highlights/lowlights, colour blending, colour correction, high fashion colours right to Avante Garde colouring. From one small flash of colour right to a full head colour masterpiece designed for each and every individual. Lee wonders what better job is there but to make people feel their best and look their best?

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